Le Motto #actuallyshecan campaign

Happy Monday guys!!!

What an amazing way to start this week! Today I’ve joined forces with Le Motto to help them promote the #ActuallySheCan campaign sponsored by Allergan! This is a campaign that wants to create a platform where women can express themselves, and support each others goals! Because we are more when we support, and impulse each other! Aren’t we?

I believe that supporting each others dreams is empowering, and that we are here in this world to help each other! That’s why your support is so important. These adorable tanks are available at Le Motto’s website,there’s three different empowering mottos, and this one was my absolute favorite!

A majority of the proceeds will be donated to academy women, a non profit organization by , and for military women to provide mentoring services, extensive networking, and development opportunities.

What a great initiative, and I hope you become part of it! If you want to find out more about the campaign click here for more info, and ways to get involved!

Wish you all a great start to your week! Thanks so much for stopping by!



Actually she can campaign

Le Motto shirts

Special thanks to Le Motto for gifting the t-shirt. All opinions are my own.