carolina-hellal-wearing-eye-lash-extensions via Glosshouz spa

I finally tried eyelash extension and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I’m a big fan of Glosshouz, a spa that recently opened here in Denver, here you can take a look at this amazing place, and during my last trip there, I decided that I really wanted to give this service a try! I’ve seen how it looks on other people, and I always wondered how they would look on me. I have really short eyelashes, and I knew the difference was going to be very significant. But, Alicia at Glosshouz made sure I got the right length, and She totally gave me the natural look I was going for. Thinking that I won’t have to use mascara anymore is just brilliant! I get my make-up done much faster, and I love how they look! The difference is enormous, and I totally recommend them!

There is nothing to be scared about, you just have to be very careful when you wash your face every day, and when you take your make-up off, but other than that, they just feel like your natural eye lashes! You can do refills based on how fast your eyelash growing cycle is. We usually get new eyelashes every 30 days, so my plan is to fill them every three weeks just to make sure they always look good, and full!

Glosshouz is currently having the best special for eyelash extensions! You can get them for only $99!

Yes, $99! How amazing, right?!

So, don’t think about it, and give it a try! I promise you will love them! For me it’s totally been life changing! 😉

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Carolina Hellal of Chic Talk wearing eye lash extension via Glosshouz

Carolina Hellal of Chic Talk wearing eyelash extensions via Glosshouz Denver.

Carolina Hellal of Chic Talk wearing eye lash extension via Glosshouz