AmazonFresh Launched in Denver

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I have amazing news for all the busy bees here in Denver! ¬†Amazon has launched AmazonFresh in the Mile High City! If you haven’t heard about it yet, AmazonFresh is a grocery delivery service available exclusively to Prime members in select cities.

We gave the service a try on Memorial day, after the long weekend, because we knew we were going to be busy with all the plans we had and we weren’t going to have time to go grocery shopping as we usually do on Sundays. We placed our order Monday night before going to bed and just like magic, we had all of our groceries waiting for us at our front door at 6:30am in the morning!
First of all, how awesome is that! We couldn’t believe how amazing and convenient the service is. It literally took as only 20 minutes to select everything and place the order. We usually spend about an hour if not longer at the grocery store, so what a time saver this service is! The prices are the same as the ones we find at our grocery store and there wasn’t a thing I couldn’t find. They had everything we needed!
Anything that can make life easier I’m down for and AmazonFresh is truly a life saver. One thing I do recommend is having ready a list of everything you need just to save time, because if not, you will find yourself shopping for vegetables as if you were shopping for shoes! Lol.. No joke! The options are endless and there is so much to choose from! I get easily distracted all the time and having a list really helps me stay focused and do the shopping faster!
Once you are done with the order, you have to choose what time you want it to be delivered. There a lot of options and we tried an early delivery because we didn’t have anything to eat. Everything arrived nicely packed at 6:30am and by 7am we were eating the yummiest breakfast!

I’m personally obsessed with how everything is packed. They pay so much attention to detail to make sure everything arrives in perfect conditions. And the best part is that this service only costs $14.99 for Amazon Prime customers in addition to their monthly membership fee. So, if you really think about it, it is SO worth it! You will save time and money in gas because you don’t even have to leave your house! I super recommend it!

Don’t miss out and give it a try! I promise you you will be just as obsessed as I am!
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading guys!

AmazonFresh Launched in Denver

AmazonFresh Launched in Denver

AmazonFresh Launched in DenverAmazonFresh Launched in Denver