Carolina Hellal of Chic Talk talks about Milan laser hair Removal in Denver

Hey guys! Happy Thursday!

Laser hair removal was always on my radar. But it wasn’t until this year that I finally made the decision to start with treatments. So far, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my entire life!

I can’t believe it took me so long to Discover Milan Laser Hair Removal, an amazing company that was founded in 2012 by two Board Certified medical doctors. They currently count with 11 locations, two of which are in the Denver area. One in Northglenn and the other in Sheridan—which is the location I always go to because it’s really close to where I live.Read More



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Knowing how to properly clean our face before going to bed every single night is key to achieving a healthy and radiant complexion. In a saturated market like today’s where there’s a product for every single skin type and every beauty routine, it is important to keep things simple and find the ones we really need.Read More


Ulta beauty lips in bloom trend. Lipsticks in pink, orange, magenta and pink rose

Special thanks to Ulta Beauty for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own.

Happy Thursday guys!

Today I’ve partnered up with Ulta Beauty to not only give you great news but to also talk about the most trending lipstick colors you need to try right now!

Ulta Beauty has always been one of my favorite premier beauty destinations for makeup, fragrance, skin and hair care products! Since I moved here (13 years ago!) I’ve always visited Ulta Beauty for all things beauty! Their product selection is beyond words, they currently carry more than 20.000 products across all categories and as you know the price points are always great and reasonable. As if that wasn’t enough, they also offer a full-service salon in all locations, so you can get your hair, skin and brows treated whenever you need!Read More


Conture skin toning system

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Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

Today’s blog post is just a little update about my beauty routine. As a blogger, I’m constantly trying new products, but every time I find something I’m truly obsessed with, I love to share more details with you about it. And, I know you guys are going to love this one.

I recently tried Conture , a non-invasive Skin Toning device that stimulates the skin by gently lifting and releasing specific skin zones using a combination of low frequency vibrations and Isometric Compression. Until I tried it, I didn’t really understand how good it was for my skin. It totally feels like I’m making my skin exercise to help it stay active and young. And, the results are amazing. I’ve only being using it for the past month, and I’m obsessed.Read More


Start Studded style secrets Babbleboxx- Kerastase ciment thermique, Winky Lux flower balm and stella marina lipstick, clear eyes pure relief and LumaRX full body device

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The beginning of the year means award show season, and one thing that I’ve always enjoyed is seeing how gorgeous all hollywood stars look at the red carpet. It’s just so crazy to see how they manage to look so amazing at every single event. We all know that big beauty investments are behind that, and a glam squad of course! Estheticians, makeup artists, and hair stylists are the ones who make all that happen, but since not every one has access to that, I’ve partnered up with Babble Boxx to show you how to get red carpet ready at home with the following products!Read More