Ulta beauty lips in bloom trend. Lipsticks in pink, orange, magenta and pink rose

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Happy Thursday guys!

Today I’ve partnered up with Ulta Beauty to not only give you great news but to also talk about the most trending lipstick colors you need to try right now!

Ulta Beauty has always been one of my favorite premier beauty destinations for makeup, fragrance, skin and hair care products! Since I moved here (13 years ago!) I’ve always visited Ulta Beauty for all things beauty! Their product selection is beyond words, they currently carry more than 20.000 products across all categories and as you know the price points are always great and reasonable. As if that wasn’t enough, they also offer a full-service salon in all locations, so you can get your hair, skin and brows treated whenever you need!Read More


Conture skin toning system

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Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

Today’s blog post is just a little update about my beauty routine. As a blogger, I’m constantly trying new products, but every time I find something I’m truly obsessed with, I love to share more details with you about it. And, I know you guys are going to love this one.

I recently tried Conture , a non-invasive Skin Toning device that stimulates the skin by gently lifting and releasing specific skin zones using a combination of low frequency vibrations and Isometric Compression. Until I tried it, I didn’t really understand how good it was for my skin. It totally feels like I’m making my skin exercise to help it stay active and young. And, the results are amazing. I’ve only being using it for the past month, and I’m obsessed.Read More


When it comes to beauty I have always loved to use products and do anything it takes to take care of my skin. It´s only recent that I´ve been more keen about trying products that will help me prevent wrinkles and dark spots due to the sun. My beauty routine has always included a moisturizing serum, clarifying lotion and make-up remover. I never ever, go to bed without taking my make-up off.  But as I get older, I have noticed how little wrinkles are appearing on my face, specially in my forehead and eyes, and I´m not going to lie, It freaks me out! that´s why I´ve been trying to find different products and  make them part of my daily beauty routine.
I recently discovered VIIcode O2M oxygen eye mask. When I first heard about it, I loved the idea of the oxygen. Oxygen facials have become my favorites, it´s amazing how they revitalize the skin and every time I get one done, I see a huge difference, my skin glows and feel much younger. I have tried the VIIcode O2M oxygen eye mask for about a week, and I love the results. I´ve been wearing it at night, because thats the only time I can. Before I go to bed, I apply it around my eyes and leave it there for 7-8 hours, it depends on how long I get to sleep during the night. When I apply it, the cold gel that it has feels  amazing and sooo refreshing. It contains a variety of special plant oxygen extracts and deep sea biological extracts that help repair the skin around my eyes. It prevents wrinkles, dark spots and crow´s feet! Which is the one I´m the most afraid of! The mask feels incredible through out the night, and in the morning when I take it off, I can see how my skin absorbed all the cool gel.  I have specially noticed how my eyes don´t look tired, I look refreshed and lively, which has been amazing because having two jobs can be hard at times!
I totally recommend you guys the VIIcode O2M oxygen eye mask, you will love it! Everything it contains will give your cells additional energy and a stronger capacity to self repair! Remember it´s never too early to take care of you skin! You will be happy you did it on the future!
Visit for more details and order yours now 🙂

Cuando se trata de belleza, puedo decir que he sido juiciosa y cuidadosa en cuanto al tema de la piel. Siempre he usado productos . Pero recienteme me he vuelto un poco más consiente de la ayuda que la piel necesita con la llegada de los años. Estoy a tan solo 2 años de los 30 y ya puedo notar como pequeñas arruugas se asoman en la frente y ojos, especialmente las famosas pata de gallina, a las que tanto miedo les tengo!!! Es por esto que siempre estoy abierta a sugerencias y me encanta que me recomienden productos. Por estos días me introdujeron al mundo de “VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask” y estoy facinada! la he usado por una semana hasta el momento y me ha encantado la sensación de frescura y vitalidad que ofrece. Pero primero les voy a contar de que se trata .
Esta mascarilla consiste de dos parches que se ponen debajo de los ojos. Estos pacrches contienen un gel que esta hecho a base de estractos de oxígeno de plantas de tierra y mar que revitalizan la piel alreadedor de los ojos. Ayuda a prevenir las arrugas, las marcas oscuras que llegan con el paso de los años y sobre todo las “pata de gallina”.  Como la idea es tener los parches puestos por lo menos por 7-8 horas, el mejor momento para usarlos es en la noche mientras dormimos. El gel frío de los parches se siente espectacular, es relajante y refrescante. En la mañana cuando me los quito puedo ver como la piel obsorbió todo el gel. El cambio en la piel se nota y sobre todo el ojos. No amanesco con cara de cansada. Lo cuál ha sido una constante durante los últimos meses pues no me puedo dar el lujo de dormir las 8 horas completas.
De verdad que les recomiendo esta mascarilla, se que les va a encantar! Es supe facíl de usar y no te toma nada de tiempo aplicarla antes de dormir. Los resultado en mi piel han sido buenisimos! Es que no hay nada mejor que usar productos a base de elementos naturales, en especial esta ya que le da a las celulas la energia y capacidad que necesitan para mantenerse vivas y activas! Recuerden nunca es muy temprano para cuidar la piel, en el futuro cuando estemos cerca a los 50 lo agredeceremos!

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