Desenio wall art, posters and Amazon Silver bar cart


Happy Tuesday guys!

Here is a third update on our apartment decoration. This little wall is between the kitchen and our dinning table. We initially wanted to find a tall table to create a bar area, but since we didn’t really find anything we truly like. We decided to find a bar cart and keep the space between the kitchen and dinning room less crowded. This little silver bar cart is the cutest thing, and as soon as we got it and placed it there, we knew we needed a cool art wall moment above it. And, what could be better for that than Desenio!Read More


Bedroom decor inspiration with Article Velu pillow collection, and the Lanna Throw

Special thanks to Article for sponsoring this blog post.

Happy Thursday guys! As promised, here is the second post featuring our bedroom decor with Article. Make sure to check out the first blog post here.

Every time I see these pictures I realize what a good decision it was choosing gray and white as the main color story in our apartment. They are the most versatile colors we could have chosen, and I couldn’t be happier about that. As a creative person, I’m always moving things around, and personalizing my spaces as much as I can, and with these two colors I will for sure be able to do that.Read More


Living room decoration ideas featuring product from Article. The Taza rug, Velu pillows and Lanna throw

Special thanks to Article for sponsoring this blog post.

Hey guys! I’m super excited to finally show you our apartment decoration! It’s been two and a half months since Mauricio, and I moved to our new place, and as promised, here is my first blog post showing you how things are looking! The entire decorating process has been so fun, and We are loving our new place. The apartment is so spacious, the high ceilings are amazing, and we specially like the light it has during the day. Read More